Your home is a constantly changing environment, and a small amount of preventative maintenance can help to save money in the long run. Your home’s components and systems age over time, and require annual check-ups. Environmental and weather conditions can result in new issues with your home’s exterior envelope over time. This can include roof damage, moisture penetration, and foundation settling and cracking. Annual home check-ups can provide early detections for such deficiencies.

The American dream of buying or selling a home will probably be the biggest and best investment you will ever make. The small price of a professional CCS Home Inspection can provide you help in making an informed  decision on your purchase.  A professional home inspection performed by a certified and licensed Washington Home Inspector can also be an extremely valuable tool for any property owner.  

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Finding a new home can be an exhilarating experience, but nothings worse than buying your dream home and finding out that there are serious issues.  So make sure your experience is a positive one with a Home Buyer Inspection with CCS. You’ll know the current condition of your prospective home and be able to create an informed decision, offer the right price, and what to expect one moved in.

A Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by the Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.  The scope of work may be modified by the Client and Inspector prior to the inspection process. The product of a Home Inspection is the final report that will explain the present condition of the homes major systems.

Receive a discounted price on a structural pest inspection when ordered with a home inspection.


  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Fireplaces
  • HVAC System
  • Interior/Exterior Walls, Doors, Windows
  • Basements, Foundations and Crawlspaces
  • Roofs
  • Attics - Insulation and Ventilation
  • Site Grading

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Structural pest inspections are extremely important and their value is often times significantly underestimated. Wood destroying pests can severely damage the structural integrity of any building, causing thousands in damage.

It is a common misconception that home inspections always include a pest inspection as this is not the case. It is in your best interest to hire a home inspector that is also licensed as a Structural Pest Inspector. Another common reason for structural pest inspections is evidence of an infestation.  Evidence of a wood destroying organism infestation includes termite tubes, damaged wood, and the continuous appearance of dead insects.


Eventually, your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first.  Having an inspection performed ahead of time helps in many other ways, such as:

It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical and neutral third party.  

It alerts you to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.

It may alert you to items of immediate concern, such as active termite infestation.
Defects won't become negotiating stumbling blocks later.
You have the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if qualified.
It reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.



CCS Inspection Services has joined with Hayman Engineering to offer homeowners, lenders, and real estate professionals foundation certifications for manufactured homes.

HUD and FHA lender requirements mandate that a manufactured home must have an engineering certification of the foundation to ensure it meets federal requirements. 

If you're buying a new manufactured home or refinancing we can help. We also work directly with lenders and real estate professionals to provide these government-required inspections. Fast Turnaround and quick service. Order your certification inspection today.

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